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Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources Commission - W.S. § 36-4-101
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The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources is responsible for stewardship of Wyoming’s identity, whether that identity is manifested in our love of recreation and the outdoors, our precious old west heritage, our 30,000 years of pre-history, our colorful government history, or in harnessing the creativity of our people. We are a quality of life agency and the work we do and the services we provide help make our communities attractive places to conduct business, retain highly skilled workers and raise families who want to remain and invest in Wyoming.

The State Parks and Cultural Resources Commission is a nine member advisory board established by statute (W.S. 36-4-101 through W.S. 36-4-123). Members are appointed to five year terms by the Governor according to Appointment Districts and must be confirmed by the Senate. The Commission meets quarterly to advise and provide informed guidance and consultation to the staff of the Cultural Resources Division and the Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails. They advocate for the public and both Divisions’ programs with the Wyoming Legislature, and encourage efficient, responsive, timely and professional delivery of both Divisions’ services.


Commission Coordinator

Tatum Soto
(307) 777-7496


SPCR Officers

Robert Tyrrell, President
Sue Peters, Vice President

Upcoming SPCR Commission Meetings

February 22-23, 2024

Wyoming State Museum Classroom
2301 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001

For more information, please contact Commission Coordinator, Tatum Soto at 307-777-7496.